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Our Services

Pre-Project Activities

  • Site assessment and surveys
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Evaluation of Technologies
  • Feasibility and Detailed Project reports

Design Engineering Activities

  • Basic studies / engineering
  • Design calculations and drawings
  • Enquiry specification
  • Technical bid analysis
  • Vendor drawing review

Procurement Assistance Activities

  • Vendor pre- qualification
  • Issuing enquiries and receiving offers
  • Commercial bid evaluation
  • Purchase recommendation
  • Purchase order preparation

Project Management and Co-ordination Activities

  • Scheduling and control
  • Cost control
  • Co-ordination with client, vendor and external agencies
  • Reporting

Inspection and Expediting Activities

  • Vendor Appraisals
  • Stage wise inspections
  • Final inspection
  • Expediting deliveries

Construction Supervision Activities

  • Site co-ordination
  • Scheduling, monitoring and control of field activities
  • Supervision
  • Certification
  • Safety
  • Reporting

Commissioning Activities

  • Start up and commissioning assistance
  • Site performance tests
  • As- built documents
  • Training of owners personnel